Demand of Millenials for healthy natural products grows

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Brazil is a young country, with about 30% of population between 18 and 34 year old, these also known as millenials. And when we talk about feeding habits, it is interesting to notice that the tendency of consumption of healthy natural products or sustainable foods is bigger than the previous generation.

The concern with health and healthy feeding makes them not even worry about pricing. According to a global research conducted by Nilsen in 2016, 81% of millenials interviewed state being commited to pay more for natural products.

In this scenario, companies have been adapting themselves to meet this demand of healthy young ones. For this reason, not surprisingly the market of organics is raising, with growth of 20% in Brazil. It is possible to see supermarkets and shops focused only on foods based in healthy products. On a similar vein, there’s a vegan sector which growth reaches 40% the year in the country.

Healthy natural products on target

As we could see, millenials generation shows great concern with what they have on their meals. Also known as native digitals, they are assiduous on internet and social networks, where exchange information and debate about healthy products, organic foods, and source of foods, production methods and sustainability.

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Another curious thing is that they are also more available to prepare their own meals. A research done by Google shows that 60% of these young ones take their smartphones and tablets to the kitchen, using internet contents as guidance to cook their recipes.

Concerned with such expose, companies are increasingly worried to show how their manufacturing methods work and the nutritional characteristics of their products highlighting the use of natural ingredients and labels free of additives or artificial colorings.

And it is not only the feeding industry that is on this trend. Anything related to healthy habits on the “way” to get a healthy life style are on the list: fitness related services, cooking courses and even the most curious products from no gluten shampoo to organic toothbrush.

This has been the target on the healthy product markets, after all, this is a generation that values the experience and keeps faithful to a life style, much more than products or specific brands. Therefore the appropriateness of market must be honest, offering products really beneficial to health, to supply the needs of this healthy, connected and demanding consumer.


Ararinha Azul - Blue Macaw


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