Natural products from the Brazilian Amazon Forest are success abroad

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With a broad variety of ingredients, such as seeds, fruits and oil seeds, the natural products from the Brazilian Amazon forest have gained a bigger spot on the international market in the last few years. A prove is the raise on searching for Brazilian items like acai, cupuaçu, and castanha-do-pará (pará nuts) by countries in Europe, the USA, Canada, China, Japan, Arabic Emirates and New Zealand, just to name a few.

The natural products from the Amazon Forest, region with the biggest and richest biodiversity in the world, are intended to the industry of the most variety of sectors, since food and drink until cosmetics, pharmaceutical and textile. Among the most searched products are the acai and derives, guarana powder, cupuaçu and camacamu fruit, that will be used in liquors, chocolates, cookies, cakes, sweets, soups, shampoos, perfume and body lotion.

No doubt, the head master of all the natural products from this region is the acai. This fruit became popular in Brazil and around the world due to its big energetic potential, besides being considered the greatest antioxidant already known (behind only from the cocoa).

In Brazil, the main producer of acai is the state of Para, which growing movements more than R$ 3 billion a year. Amazonas, Maranhão, Acre, Rondonia and Roraima also harvest the fruit.

The Japanese and North American market are the destiny of 90% of exportations of açai. The other 10% are bought from Germany, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Angola, Australia, Canada, Portugal, Chile, China, Singapore, Arabic Emirates, France, Israel, New Zealand, Peru, Porto Rico and Taiwan.

Since this growing trend and the appreciation of natural Brazilian Amazon products by the international community, the Administration Board of Oversight of Manaus Free Zone (CAS in Portuguese) have approved an investment of US$ 1,194 billion in projects of the Manaus Industrial Pole in a period of about 3 years. Part of the resources, about R$ 1,5 billion will be applied on Development Resources (P&D in Portuguese).

Also, to copy with the growing demand, the Development Program of the Productive Chain of Acai in the state of Para (Pró Açai) intents to expand the cultivated land of the fruit in 50 thousand hectares up to 2020.

Natural Products from the Brazilian Amazon applied on Industry

Industries around the world are finding out more and more benefits from the natural products from the Brazilian Amazon Forest and integrating and its merchandise, on juice production, liquors, cakes, cookies, cereal bars, etc.

To produce these items, the industries usually use grains or pulps from dehydrated fruits or dried extracts from supplies come from Amazon. Blue Macaw Flora provides a wide range of raw material of high quality to the international market since 2008, with products free of genetically modified organism – OGM –free; free also from allergens like gluten and lactose.

All the products sold by Blue Macaw Flora are carefully selected since their origin, growing, processing, packaging, storage, shipping and evaluated during all production process, ensuring traceability.

The quality process and food safety follow all the international standards, ensuring reliability to the clients. And in the case of specific needs, there will be make available extra information, such as samples and other technical information.

To better meet the demand of external market, Blue Macaw offers the Private Label service, in which other companies may commercialize the snacks of dehydrated fruits produced by Blue Macaw Flora using the name of its own brand.




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